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EDIT: These aren't the official names… so nevermind :P Go ahead and call them as you please <3 This is still a cute list and a memory of the day we've been fooled xD

According to the unofficial Nyotalia Tumblr report, based on Himaruya's official blog… , some of the female versions of the countries now have official names given by the author.

FemRomano's official name is :heart: Chiara :heart:

(Pronounce the "Ch" like a "K". Italian version of Clara, namesake: Saint Chiara).

Other Nyotalia names:


(pronounced ah-LEE-che in Italian)


(the German version would be Monika)


(cherry blossoms, an unofficial symbol of Japan; it’s the same as the most common fanon name)


(roses are a symbol of England)


(Russian version of Anna)


(means Spring Swallow)

Canada…Meg (abbreviation of Marguerite, pet name form)

(French version of Margaret)


(nickname of a name such as Julia)

Switzerland…Adelheid (meaning: high class, noble; nickname: Heidi)</i>

(German version of Adelaide, pronounced AH-del-hiet; you probably know who Heidi is)

What do you guys think about these names? Will you use them? Do you like them? Will it be hard to get used to them?